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The Northwestern Medicine Transplant Advisory Council (NMTAC) is comprised of people who have had life-changing experiences with Northwestern Medicine’s Comprehensive Transplant Center (CTC). We are a grateful group of organ recipients and donors who are committed to giving back to the CTC and the transplant community.

Our Council has many goals. First and foremost, we want to financially support the CTC’s groundbreaking organ transplantation research and programs by establishing an ongoing culture of philanthropy. We have a built a community where organ recipients, their families, and others can unite. Our Council members believe that great things can be accomplished when people are passionate, committed to a shared vision, and inspired to give back.


Our inspired group of organ recipients, donors and their families is united in our mission to support the future of organ transplantation at Northwestern Medicine while connecting and supporting the transplant community.



Kristen Ahern
Betsy Altman
Dr. Al Baker
Ted Barillas
Beth Bronner
Jeffery and Debby Crane
Marilyn C. Day
Dan Dickinson
Anne Farmer

Matt Felber
Lori Felber
Tony Fiscelli
Pat Fiscelli
Marcia Goldstick
Paul Hain
Julie Kellman
Hon. James L. Kaplen
Kathryn E. Krivy
Laurie Lee
Colleen Martin
Audry Mass

Martha Medina
Alecia McClug
Hecky Powell
Hon. Hy Riebman
Martin Salzman
Dr. Jacqueline Sieros MD
Brad Szczcinski
Brian Thomas
Andy Trosper
Berry Weiss
Beth Weiss
Jim Yardley