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Gifts made to the Transplant Innovation Fund are applied to groundbreaking transplant research that saves lives.  Our goal is to have the most well funded organ transplant program in the country to attract world class clinicians.


To date, the CTC has been very successful at leveraging its’ philanthropic support by more than a factor of 8 through the receipt of funds, grants, and matching gifts.


We are unique in that we have brought together  the constituencies of Northwestern Medicine and the Foundation, the CTC, and Transplant Village.  Together, we serve the patient.


Transplant Village will be pivotal in assuring Northwestern Medicine’s CTC is a Tier I Research Institution for years to come.  By giving back to the hospital, patients, and transplant community, we will create our legacy.

Transplant Village was created by a group of very grateful transplant recipients, donors, patients, and caregivers.  Our lives were saved and transformed by the physicians and staff at Northwestern Medicine’s Comprehensive Transplant Center (CTC).  Like thousands of others, many of us were near death; organ transplantation was our one hope.

Now, it’s time to give back.

We are compelled to do our part to assure the CTC leads the nation through its groundbreaking organ transplant research. Our commitment is to lead the efforts by providing endowment funds which will allow the CTC to sustain its’ excellence for generations to come.  The resources allocated to the Transplant Innovation Fund are for the high risk, yet high reward initiatives that have historically been very effective and successful in improving patient outcomes.

The CTC is very successful in leveraging its’ philanthropic support by more than a factor of 8 through the receipt of other funds, grants, and matching gifts. We have accepted the challenge to guarantee this seed funding remains sustainable for years to come.

The legacy we leave as beneficiaries of the Comprehensive Transplant Center is the assurance that the CTC will reach the pinnacle of success and be recognized as the most highly respected transplant center in the country.  Through these efforts, we will attract the best and brightest clinicians, surgeons, and researchers.

Transplant Village is unique.  We have brought together the constituencies of the patient, the Northwestern Memorial Foundation, Northwestern Medicine, and the CTC. We remain united, and we work in partnership for the benefit of the transplant patient.

Together, we are transforming lives.

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