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COVID-19 Vaccination After Transplant

On June 2, we joined the Northwestern Medicine transplant team to discuss topics related to COVID-19 vaccines, current understanding of vaccines for patients who have undergone an organ transplant, and what all of this means for mask-wearing.

Transplant Innovation Endowment Surpasses $10 Million- Online Event

On May 18, we celebrated the Dr. Michael M. Abecassis Transplant Innovation Endowment surpassing our fundraising goal of $10 million!  The endowment funds are used to support ambitious, audacious and innovative research that is not typically funded by federal agencies and industry partners but  allow the CTC scientists to explore the next generation of aspirational projects to ensure a sustainable legacy of the relentless pursuit of collaborative and innovative research that has become the hallmark of the CTC.  Click the link below to watch the video: