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Social Media Manager
Hannah Goralski

Hannah Goralski is a Season Ticket Service Representative at the Chicago Cubs, where she has worked in various roles for the organization for the past for seven seasons. Prior to working for the Cubs, Hannah worked for the Chicago Bears and Chicago White Sox.

Hannah grew up in Naperville, IL, with her Mom, Dad (kidney recipient), older brother, Josh (her father’s kidney donor) and older sister, Bethany (also a living kidney donor). She attended Loyola University Chicago (go Ramblers!) where she majored in Public Relations with a minor in Sports Management. After undergrad she went on to receive her Master’s in Sports Administration from Northwestern University.  She currently lives in Lakeview East and enjoys baking, swimming and nail art.

Organ donation was engraved in Hannah’s brain since before she had her drivers license. When she was a teenager her brother donated his kidney to their Dad over his college spring break. Hannah and her family have been involved and supporting organ donation ever since. That kidney prolonged the life of their Father for seven and a half years. When their Father died in September of 2018, Hannah and her sister, Bethany decided to each donate a kidney to a stranger. Hannah and Bethany each donated their kidney, a day apart in March of 2019 at Northwestern Memorial Hospital.

Hannah is passionate about organ donation of all types but especially living kidney donation. She truly feels no different living her life to the fullest with one kidney and hopes to inspire those of all ages to pursue living kidney donation.

Hannah is one of Transplant Village’s social media gurus.  She manages social media at our events, and is also responsible for our Facebook Page.