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Alecia McClung

Alecia McClung is the co-founder of a business process outsourcing and facilities management firm called Administrative Resource Options, Inc.(ARO). Alecia was also a founding and managing member of a national wholesale equipment provider before starting ARO in 1990. At her current firm, Alecia has grown into the role of CEO, and under her leadership ARO has grown into a national company currently servicing customers across 33 states. Alecia is also a member of the Women’s President Organization and the National Association of Women Business Owners.

Promoting organ donation is an important part of Alecia’s personal and professional lives. At ARO, she created an award-winning Charity Leave program which pays employees to take time off for charitable endeavors. She also started a Donate for Life program which reimburses employees for the cost of their driver’s licenses if they sign up to become organ donors.

Outside of the workplace, Alecia has worked with the Illinois Secretary of State’s office to promote organ donation through drivers license facilities and high school programs. She has been part of the Secretary of State’s publicity programs for organ donation, including participation in the program’s television and radio commercial for Organ Donation Month as well as their print “It’s Up to You” campaign. Alecia has also worked as a volunteer for a Gift of Hope and the Tournament of Roses’ organ donation float.

As the recipient of a pancreas and liver donation, Alecia has been given the chance to watch her children grow up and to celebrate 25 years of marriage with her husband. For Alecia, one of the more remarkable parts of her organ donation process was meeting the mother of her donor. After sending a letter to Gift of Hope, Alecia was connected with the woman, who was actually an employee in the transplant department at Northwestern Memorial at the time. The two ladies became fast friends and still volunteer together for many organ donation functions.

I am a firm believer that this is a cause that saves lives. No one should have to go through this alone.