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Pat Fiscelli

Pasquale (Pat) Fiscelli began his career as an engineer and quickly moved into management positions. With his background in mechanical engineering, Pat excelled in management, quickly rising through the ranks and eventually starting his own rental company. For the last twenty-three years, Pat has grown his company from a small, independent operation to a forty million dollar a year business with over one hundred employees. In his spare time he enjoys playing sports like hockey, football, and racket ball.

At one time Pat managed a plant and its one thousand employees. With decades of business experience under his belt, Pat is no stranger to leadership. He decided to take part in the NMTAC because his life has been positively affected by a transplant, and with his business acumen, he hopes to help Northwestern Medicine’s Comprehensive Transplant Center (CTC) grow and thrive.

Pat received a liver transplant at Northwestern Medicine from his daughter at a time when his days were limited. Thanks to his daughter’s life saving gift, he feels that he has received a second chance at life and wants to inspire and encourage others who find themselves in the dark place that he once faced himself; waiting for a transplant.

I’ve put myself behind this mission because I want to be able to provide guidance to families and individuals both before and after transplants, and assure them success is possible.” He continued, “I look forward to the day when a transplant isn’t the end of the road for anyone, but simply a new beginning.