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Brand Manager
Amber Khan

Amber Khan is the Principal and CEO of SCP Marketing, a Wisconsin based creative agency.  Prior to starting SCP, Amber worked for Yahoo!, Northwestern Mutual, and Johnson Controls.  While working as a product and content manager at Yahoo!, she had the opportunity to oversee projects for Nissan, Kia, Pepsi, and Lucas Films.

Amber currently resides in Pewaukee, Wisconsin and enjoys spending time with her husband, two young children, and bulldogge.  Her interests include weightlifting, biking, hiking, writing, baking, and uplifting people.

While Amber is not a transplant recipient or living donor, she is closely connected to the mission of Transplant Village and oversees the organization’s brand.  She has worked on the Transplant Village branding, website, and social media for many years and fully supports the cause.

I love being part of a community that, each and every day, saves lives. This is a group of inspiring people that I feel very honored to know.