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Beth and Barry Weiss

Barry and Beth Weiss have dedicated themselves to promoting the efforts of NMTAC as a direct result of their experience with Northwestern Medicine.

Ten years ago, amid his busy schedule of running his own real estate company, Barry went in for a routine physical and discovered that his liver was enlarged. Though Barry did not feel ill and didn’t have any other noticeable symptoms, his doctor ordered more tests and found that Barry had a nonalcoholic form of hepatitis.

Barry and his wife Beth were referred to Northwester’s Kovler Organ Transplantation Center where Barry was immediately put on the list for a liver transplant. Though Barry and Beth worried about his condition, they felt confident in the care that they were receiving and were urged to remain positive and hopeful. Over the next several years Barry’s physicians kept a close eye on him, monitoring his blood for increasing levels of liver enzymes. His symptoms began to mount, but Barry and Beth remained positive. Barry was determined to live a normal life as much as possible, exercising regularly and continuing to work.

On July 18, 2008, Barry finally received the call that a liver was available. In a matter of just 48 hours, his transplant surgery was performed and he was back at home, recovering with Beth by his side.

Today, Beth and Barry serve NMTAC because they have experienced and believe in the life-giving possibilities created by Northwestern Medicine. The funds raised by NMTAC go toward groundbreaking clinical trials, innovative new technologies, and unmatched patient care.

This year the couple is celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary, and they fully believe that this happy occasion would not have been possible without the care provided by Northwestern Medicine and the CTC.

We would not consider going anywhere but Northwestern Medicine for Barry’s transplant care. We’re dedicated to making the transplant center even better for current and future patients.