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Marilyn Day

Marilyn Day received her bachelor’s degree in sociology from Indiana University and then went on to enjoy a 28 year career working in office management for Arthur Anderson and Accenture. A consistently active member of her community, Marilyn was once named Volunteer of the Year by Business Volunteers for the Arts in Philadelphia. She has also served as a board member for the CSO League, currently serves on the Resident Council of her retirement community, and has been heavily involved with committees and volunteer opportunities at Fourth Presbyterian Church of Chicago for the last 27 years alongside her husband.

Marilyn enjoys spending her retirement with her husband, though leaving her career in office management hasn’t slowed her down. Shortly after retiring in 2001, Marilyn founded Gold Coast Kitten Sittin’, Inc., an in-home cat care service that currently employs six “sitters” and serves a large customer base throughout Gold Coast and the Streeterville area. Beyond work, her interests include choral and classical music, cooking, and needlework.

Marilyn became involved with the Transplant Advisory Council after receiving a transplant at Northwestern Medicine. In 1999, after spending 18 months undergoing exhausting dialysis treatments, all the while not knowing that her husband was a “match,” Marilyn came to NM and received her husband’s kidney. Marilyn says, “His kidney has allowed us to live more fully, unencumbered by the restrictive dialysis schedule, and has created a special bond for us that we continue to appreciate.”

While on dialysis and throughout her transplant experience, Marilyn often wondered whether the treatment that she was receiving and the health systems that she was being exposed to were the norm. Without a point of reference, everything that she went through was a first. Ultimately, her experience was a positive one, but Marilyn wishes she had someone to turn to who had been through a similar experience with whom she could ask questions, receive advice, and find comfort.

In her role with NMTAC, Marilyn hopes to be that very person for people who are currently going through the process of receiving a kidney or other organ transplant.

I support the committee and its efforts because I have experienced first-hand the life benefits of a successful organ transplant and I hope that those in need have the same access to high-quality treatment that I benefited from. I’m committed to helping the NMTAC build its fundraising program, which will ultimately allow the CTC to build upon its research and serve as many transplant patients as possible.