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Board Member
Teodoro E. Barillas

Teodoro E. Barillas received his degree in political science from Northwestern Illinois University. He spent most of his career working for United Way. Beginning in the 1970s, Teodoro held a variety of positions ranging from a Substance Abuse Counselor to Director of Community Resources. From there, he continued his focus on public service by becoming one of two Vice Presidents at Community Resource Network. In that role, he managed the publication of The Directory of Health and Human Services in Metropolitan Chicago. Teodoro also managed First-Call-For-Help, a call center that connected individuals to community services in Chicago.

These days, Teodoro enjoys retirement with his wife, Rosa. Together they enjoy cooking, gardening, reading, traveling, and spending time with their family, including their son, Ernesto, who has Cerebral Palsy.

For a time, Teodoro served as a member of the Board of Directors of El Valor, a non-profit organization serving people with special needs, among other services. Teodoro’s son Ernesto has been enrolled with El Valor since graduating from high school, and the organization has helped him learn new skills and abilities. Ernesto participates in the Special Olympics and has won several city-wide competitions over the last ten years, as well as one state-wide competition.

Teodoro received an organ transplant, and he says, “It gave me a second chance at life, allowing me to continue to care for and support my son.” Teodoro learned about Transplant Village during his own transplant process and decided to get involved as soon as his transplant was complete.

Teodoro says. “I am confident that my bilingual ability will serve the group well in our efforts to spread life-saving information about organ transplantation and donation.”

I hope my involvement with the NM Transplant Advisory Committee will help others like me and particularly inform the Hispanic community of Chicago about organ transplantation, as well as the need to become an organ donor.