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Board Member
Anne Caskey Farmer

Anne Caskey Farmer is a respected leader in the marketing communications industry with over 20 years of experience in branding, advertising and marketing. As a member of the Northwestern Transplant Advisory Council (NMTAC), she has three distinct goals which are to increase awareness of organ donation, raise funds for transplant research and help families get through the transplant process.

Mrs. Farmer has a master’s degree in art history as well as a MBA in finance and she brings to the table a perfect balance of creativity and strategy. During the first half of her career, Anne was a professional copywriter, but also served as a strategist by working with closely with clients. Most recently, Anne directed the international marketing efforts for a global information management solutions company, responsible for marketing planning and program execution in 33 countries.

Organ transplantation is a cause that is very close to Anne’s heart as her husband, David, was diagnosed with sudden autoimmune hepatitis. During a walk on a snowy day, Anne noticed that her husband looked a bit yellow. Three short weeks later, David was in a hepatic coma. Five weeks after that, he received a liver transplant at Northwestern Medicine in February 2011. Everything came as a shock as David had no history of liver disease and had always been very healthy and physically fit. Thankfully, her husband is doing very well today due to the great care he received from the medical professionals and staff at Northwestern.

Anne not only has diverse professional skills, but also varied personal interests. She and her husband love to travel and cook. Fitness is also very important to them and they enjoy working out together. Anne is an avid crossfitter and, as she jokes, “a really slow distance runner.”

Our experience with Northwestern Medicine’s CTC was stellar at all levels.