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Board Member
Brad Szczesinski

Brad Szczecinski spent his formative years in Ohio, graduating from the University of Toledo. He has built a long and successful career as a wealth management professional with a deep background in portfolio management. Mr. Szczecinski generally works with high net-worth investors and small institutions. He also enjoys participating in private equity and venture capital transactions.

In his free time, Mr. Szczecinski enjoys challenging himself through sport and competition. He has won 28 medals over the years in the US Transplant Games and also enjoys surfing and yoga. Beyond physical pursuits, he takes pleasure in traveling, volunteering, cooking, and urban farming.

Mr. Szczecinski’s life was forever impacted by organ donation when his good friend, Joe Barrett, donated a kidney to him eighteen years ago. Since that time, both men have remained active advocates for organ donation.

In his role as a council member for the Northwestern Medicine Transplant Advisory Council, Mr. Szczecinski would like to increase awareness of the need for organ donation. He also hopes to promote the positive role that Northwestern Medicine has had in ensuring successful outcomes for both patients and donors.

The transplant center is doing important, life-changing work. I want to help ensure that their work is recognized and that people in need of organ transplants receive the support they need and deserve.