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Board Member
Daniel B. Kehoe

Daniel B. Kehoe is a Private Wealth Advisor within the Investment Management Division of Goldman Sachs. Dan and his team work with a small number of highly successful individuals, business owners, and foundations throughout the country. In addition to his work as an advisor, he is a member of the firm’s recruiting committee for the University of Chicago and University of Wisconsin. He is also a member of the team’s interview committee.

Before joining Goldman Sachs, Dan worked as a Senior Associate and Financial Consultant within Morgan Stanley’s Global Wealth Management Division. Always priding himself on being a connector and helping others, Dan has become heavily involved in a number of philanthropic endeavors that mirror his beliefs, most notably the Chicago Blackhawks Charities Board, Charles “Peanut” Tillman’s Cornerstone Foundation, and the Chicago Botanic Garden Guild.

Dan earned his MBA from the University of Chicago’s Booth School of Business and his undergraduate degree from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. He is an avid golfer, an overly-enthusiastic Chicago and UW sports fan, and a two-time marathon finisher. Dan enjoys spending his time with his beautiful wife, Taylor, and their son, Quinn.

Dan’s father has battled kidney disease for the last twenty years. Both his mother and Dan have donated kidneys for his father. His mother did so directly in 2008, and Dan did so as part of a nine-person exchange in 2011. Dan says, “I have seen firsthand how difficult the entire process can be on a family physically and emotionally and am forever grateful for the care and guidance I received from the countless doctors, nurses, social workers, and friends of Northwestern.”

Dan hopes to help raise awareness of the positive impact that organ donation can have while providing comfort and guidance to people who are in the process of giving and receiving organ donations.

Organ donation allowed my father to see me get married, meet my son, and see a lot of my personal and professional success. I want to empower other people to educate themselves on the process and learn more about the great work that NMTAC is doing.