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Board Member
Dr. Paul Hain

Paul R. Hain, Ed.D., worked as  an educator and administrator for forty-three years. His love of learning led him to  earn an undergraduate degree and three post-graduate degrees. With his extensive education, Paul has served others in the role of Teacher, Principal, Chief Financial Officer, and Superintendent. He specializes in transformational leadership and collective bargaining. With his financial and leadership tools, Paul has helped rescue multiple school districts that were in the red. He was worked in or for Skokie School District 72, Antioch School District 34, Lake Bluff School District 65, and Nippersink School District 2 in Richmond.

In addition to his professional pursuits, Paul is a member of the Organ Transplant Support Group of Northern Illinois, an emeritus member of the Illinois Association of School Business Officials, a retired member of the Illinois Association of School Administrators and the Illinois Principal’s Association, and a member of the Illinois Retired Teachers Association.

Paul is also a pilot and an avid sailor. He enjoyed teaching his daughter to sail, and has crewed big boats. He and his wife of thirty-eight years enjoy spending time with their daughter, their granddaughter Luci, and their three dogs.

Paul received an organ transplant care of two childhood friends. One of the friends gave part of her liver to Paul, giving him a new lease on life. “Each day is a gift,” Paul has said, “a chance to be a grandpa to Luci, and look for ways to spread the gospel about organ donation.”

Paul is a member of NMTAC because he knows first-hand the power of successful organ transplantation and is a fervent believer in the work being done at Northwestern Medicine.

As advanced as transplantation has become, I believe we are still pioneering the possibilities. Patients, along with medical personnel, researchers, and caregivers are a powerful partnership that can find new ways to make the transplant experience positive.