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Marcia Goldstick

Marcia Goldstick

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Everyday is a new beginning for Marcia Goldstick. Since becoming sick in the summer of 2009 she has come a long way. After weeks of tests it was determined that she would need a transplant. She went on dialysis for three days a week and those sessions would last up to four and a half hours.

Her life was forever changed on March 26, 2010 when she finally received her lifesaving transplant at the age of 70. It has now been over 7 years since Marcia’s transplant and she is doing very well. She goes to Northwestern football games and shopping. Marcia also loves to bake and cook. Reflecting on the past five years of her life, Marcia said, “I think about how good these years have been and how good the future is going to be.”

Marcia has been a member of the Transplant Advisory Council since about a year after receiving her transplant. She really enjoys being on the council and is a very active member. She is a poster child for the Transplant Village’s Buddy Program. This program matches someone awaiting a transplant with someone who has already received one. Marcia offers her advice and words of wisdom to anyone who is awaiting a transplant. Due to this program Marcia said, “I feel like I have a new friend.”

The Buddy Program can be as simple as giving someone awaiting a transplant a phone call. That has been the case for Marcia, who has not yet had the opportunity to meet one of the women she has shared her experiences with over the phone.